A Feeling called Alone


To you who is reading this. thanks for not making me feel homely when we meet thanks for not making me feel comfortable when we’re all talking. Thanks for not giving a fuck. Thanks for playing with my feelings. Thanks for not looking at my lonely state. Thanks for not letting me get out of sadness, Thanks, Mom and dad for not noticing why I had such a bad day. Thanks everyone for just not seeing what I’m going through. Yes, you who’s reading this is at fault. Yes, I’m too for not noticing that person around me who is sad why not because I’m happy and they’re not. Well, that’s pathetic because you didn’t notice that tear running down my face. Why didn’t you try to do anything? not stopping me from doing something or even making me feel smile? One day I hope this doesn’t get too much and I end everything for a better of it. Don’t miss me then. To that one person who is lost in life. Don’t worry you’re not alone I’m with you, we are, we want you to speak up. We’ll help you overcome it will do. Just be strong reach out to us we’ll handle the rest :’)


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