A game called Friendship

The first ever human being we ever met outside the family we were born in was our first friend. The memories they brought us gave immense happiness and joy for all the right and wrong reasons. But then as age commenced, feelings got involved, Time moved on it created a monstrous scar in every human being within which it created a monster and fakeness was established with those individuals who just wanted Temporary attention with every other person in life and when denied would push them off into a state of denial and betreyal. This generation of human beings have been a wonderful example of monsters can be in form of friends either for their monetary benefits, to be successful, gain attention, procure emotional attachment, physical needs etc. The meaning of friendship has so drastically changed from our first Friend to our recent friend that we’ve lost value to the Word Friendship. With an highly unusual spike in people commiting suicides I sat to think how things would have changed if that one friend would have just asked “how are you doing?” That day. We could have avoided those suicides but unfortunately we couldn’t being in the shoes of a victim it can get as easy as asking a person as to how they feel and ask them to share their flow of emotions. I request everyone who reads this post to go ahead and ask that one person around you who is sad and depressed what’s causing them this and let’s help them. I pledge to create a better world.

“A person who stands up for you when you’re in your lowest low is your only friend”- Roshan Dodeja