The Journey of life scvrecvqxiaadolbtarts off with non-complicated, Smooth, fun and loving side of an unknown pure art form called a human. where a new stance of dreams is born in an ever expanding space called Mind. eventually, the outer space matures with age and an artificial cover is created to showcase the world how cruel a human can get and can do anything to put another human down. what we don’t realise is that kid in us still exists to be rediscovered in its purest form to transform everything in the world in its most meaningful form to create the best of memories. The real Art lies in a child’s Mind which is free of all worldly bounds. The first thing a kid learns is Mama and the last thing an Adult says is Mama that’s how important a kid thinks of a relationship with its family, as with an adult in time this diminishes often resulting in a journey which he has to follow alone. What we should never lose is the child-like wonder it’s just too important, it’s what drives that. Unfortunately an adults showcases the art form of a child with a person he thinks he would spend his life with unfortunately that doesn’t happen and that child is lost in an ocean of its own creation leading to losing connection with the mind and soul, due to which we rediscover ourselves with temporary things, we mistake infatuation as true love and get into many temporary relationships or lose out on the most meaningful relationships in the world.

With the world transforming into an era where the only future lies is in the destruction of itself, its time for us to take a journey to rediscover ourselves.

I’d like to end this with a Quote.

“A kid is what drives a human into an unknown space of Nirvana.” – Roshan Dodeja



The Kid in every Human

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