A New Beginning

happy-new-year-senior-planetJust as the New Year starts off, turn the music up, shut the world off do what your heart says even if it means if you have to shed a tear. Stay the same be sweet, cross oceans for people, make them smile, make this world a better place to live, live your life like a piano in sync. Let’s embrace this New Year with a big bang and a transformation. This year has been a roller-coaster ride for all of us that’s what makes life interesting. I’d like to talk about why I started this blog and why the name The Alone Wanderer, This Blog is a place for me to express my experiences, my deep thoughts and experiences I come across in the journey of life since everyone travels Alone in the journey of life, life is a story in itself be it action or fiction it’s a 60 year movie. Just like this year, every year is a roller coaster ride and we should take a step forward and acknowledge it. So the Alone Wanderer would like to wish you a Happy New year and Merry Christmas.


I’d Like to end with a Quote

“Ordinary people can bring about a Change.” – Oprah Winfrey


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