dear-mom-i-love-you-quote-1Hey Mom, I miss you not because you’re here because I’m afraid to let you go to the whelm of nature. Please don’t go you brought me into this beautiful world take me along with you. You made me walk into the journey of life, you made me speak. You thought me how to be strong when the world crumbled on me and now I can’t let you go out of my sight. Every time I left for school I would just cry because I being in your arms was much safer and better than being at school. Thanks for tolerating all my tantrums, my cries and Sleepless nights. But now you’re going away, I’m scared there won’t be anyone left for me because I knew you would be there no matter what Sorry if I was stubborn, I promise to make you the proudest mom in this whole wide world. I Know you will be there above and beyond looking at your creation but I promise to keep you safe and cozy right in my heart until we meet again. Love you Mom. To all the people out there keep her safe, keep her in your heart, keep her in a place so special even god would feel jealous. Amen

I’d like to end with a Quote

“The Most beautiful feeling called love, can be beautifully expressed only by a Mother” – Roshan Dodeja


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