We from the 90’s.

favim-com-beach-life-quote-life-quotes-ocean-quote-quotes-53323We from the 90’s are the luckiest because we’ve been through a transformation between two generations which makes us collide with our inner values and also a swift move into a new phase. But that shouldn’t stop us from living our 20’s because we ain’t ever going to get it back, this is the only time we can chase our goals, basically, do whatever we want. In this phase we need to try and try again to achieve our dreams and fail more often than not because life teaches us much more, Meet new people every single day because they will show us different species of character which will mold us into a stronger person, get into a relationship go through a break up because why not, break the stereotypes, love somebody so much make that person yourself do whatever you want because we can, Don’t get married because you have to go out there away from everyone travel, Don’t Save but spend to make memories and that will be the best savings you will ever make, follow your passion as long as it makes you happy no one can do anything to stop you apart from yourself. So go out there live your dreams, until next time


I’d Like to end with a Quote

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw.


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