Love Wins.

You know what’s crazy waiting for that someone so that you can smile looking at how she smiles and witnessing her innocently deep shiny pearl eyes when you don’t know whether to hold her tight or take her through a roller coaster ride through the journey of life. This journey I would like to talk about what love can be defined as. To the girl whom I dreamt about, we thought we would have a fling like everyone else in the world because love shattered us in different ways but as I looked at her in the most beautiful way ever I found that innocent girl waiting to be loved and caressed. Every time I looked into her I saw a reflection of me, which made me believe in her that she can be the most beautiful person Untitled-4.jpgever in my life. that moment when I first saw her smile I didn’t just feel the hormones in my body but also goosebumps because I felt it can end up just like another relationship. I didn’t care if we were two poles apart id give my all to make it work when we first kissed, it was way beyond my experiences I wish I could escape the world in that feeling called Ever glow. The feeling you get when she isn’t back worried you a little bit more than usual but also brings you an excitement to bring a smile on her face when she’s tired. You the beautiful lady of my dreams will be loved with all of my heart in success come and go and to last a feeling called ever glow. This is a small glimpse of my dreams and the rest of it yet unwritten, To all the people out there who have lost their loved ones or the ones who left them you will find this feeling Called Ever glow because we Humans don’t lose hope not now and nor we will. Stay tuned for more


With an Inspiration derived from the Song Ever glow and the Lady of my dreams.



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