Love Heals.


What breaks can never be molded back well, that’s not true at all if there is one force that binds all our broken pieces, memories, faith, and hope is LOVE. It is a feeling scientifically defined as raging chemicals and humanly defined as an unremarkable experience. What really holds us back from loving a person, is it the time we’ve moved? yes, it is the time where we have been broken to an extent that we fall in the loop of disappointment over and over by which love has no value in life anymore.

Yes, we all have beautiful dreams and we forget the fact that love is a part of it, yet our unconscious mind gets attached to a person so easily, Yes, it’s easy to hide the fact we fake it but how long will we until we heal our problems within and the only way to heal yourself is to Believe, love yourself and spread the love. The world is too small for the amount of love we can share and that amount of love can make us successful. To every beautiful girl and handsome guy out there you deserve more every single time you have been let down, let that not make you unhappy but a step to give love another chance. We’ve always believed the way to be successful is to fail and why not the same for love as it still holds a part of our dreams.

What disappoints us turns us into that person who wants to fake every single moment of it to avoid a loop of disappointments which we have to face when we are ourselves but unfortunately, it still happens day in and day out?

Well, I’d like to end it this way you people out there are lovely, all you have to believe, discover is yourself and a place for love in your heart. I’m sure there will be a day where you will shine bright like a star. Love will make you what you are.

I’d like to end with a Quote.

“Overcome the devil with a thing called love.” – Bob Marley.



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