The Journey of life scvrecvqxiaadolbtarts off with non-complicated, Smooth, fun and loving side of an unknown pure art form called a human. where a new stance of dreams is born in an ever expanding space called Mind. eventually, the outer space matures with age and an artificial cover is created to showcase the world how cruel a human can get and can do anything to put another human down. what we don’t realise is that kid in us still exists to be rediscovered in its purest form to transform everything in the world in its most meaningful form to create the best of memories. The real Art lies in a child’s Mind which is free of all worldly bounds. The first thing a kid learns is Mama and the last thing an Adult says is Mama that’s how important a kid thinks of a relationship with its family, as with an adult in time this diminishes often resulting in a journey which he has to follow alone. What we should never lose is the child-like wonder it’s just too important, it’s what drives that. Unfortunately an adults showcases the art form of a child with a person he thinks he would spend his life with unfortunately that doesn’t happen and that child is lost in an ocean of its own creation leading to losing connection with the mind and soul, due to which we rediscover ourselves with temporary things, we mistake infatuation as true love and get into many temporary relationships or lose out on the most meaningful relationships in the world.

With the world transforming into an era where the only future lies is in the destruction of itself, its time for us to take a journey to rediscover ourselves.

I’d like to end this with a Quote.

“A kid is what drives a human into an unknown space of Nirvana.” – Roshan Dodeja



The Kid in every Human

Permanent things in this temporary world




This world is where we choose to fall for temporary things. To worry about the future when we have no clue if we are going to live to see another day.

Sounds Disappointing!! Isn’t it?

Well, that’s how we’ve been following life since the beginning.

We’re Scared of commitment, True friendship, Achieving Goals, Making memories, Making people happy!! What are we doing?

In the process of being selfish sometimes we forget to live our own life. What’s the point of living a life which isn’t worth it?

Life is about Permanent things keep your family closer, Relationships passionate, Feelings free, Love flowing, Thinking controlled and ego in check. There are certain times where we feel scared as the world might oppose us, but does that really matter? What makes us think so much to go with the flow with what we love and what we want.

A New Beginning

happy-new-year-senior-planetJust as the New Year starts off, turn the music up, shut the world off do what your heart says even if it means if you have to shed a tear. Stay the same be sweet, cross oceans for people, make them smile, make this world a better place to live, live your life like a piano in sync. Let’s embrace this New Year with a big bang and a transformation. This year has been a roller-coaster ride for all of us that’s what makes life interesting. I’d like to talk about why I started this blog and why the name The Alone Wanderer, This Blog is a place for me to express my experiences, my deep thoughts and experiences I come across in the journey of life since everyone travels Alone in the journey of life, life is a story in itself be it action or fiction it’s a 60 year movie. Just like this year, every year is a roller coaster ride and we should take a step forward and acknowledge it. So the Alone Wanderer would like to wish you a Happy New year and Merry Christmas.


I’d Like to end with a Quote

“Ordinary people can bring about a Change.” – Oprah Winfrey


dear-mom-i-love-you-quote-1Hey Mom, I miss you not because you’re here because I’m afraid to let you go to the whelm of nature. Please don’t go you brought me into this beautiful world take me along with you. You made me walk into the journey of life, you made me speak. You thought me how to be strong when the world crumbled on me and now I can’t let you go out of my sight. Every time I left for school I would just cry because I being in your arms was much safer and better than being at school. Thanks for tolerating all my tantrums, my cries and Sleepless nights. But now you’re going away, I’m scared there won’t be anyone left for me because I knew you would be there no matter what Sorry if I was stubborn, I promise to make you the proudest mom in this whole wide world. I Know you will be there above and beyond looking at your creation but I promise to keep you safe and cozy right in my heart until we meet again. Love you Mom. To all the people out there keep her safe, keep her in your heart, keep her in a place so special even god would feel jealous. Amen

I’d like to end with a Quote

“The Most beautiful feeling called love, can be beautifully expressed only by a Mother” – Roshan Dodeja

We from the 90’s.

favim-com-beach-life-quote-life-quotes-ocean-quote-quotes-53323We from the 90’s are the luckiest because we’ve been through a transformation between two generations which makes us collide with our inner values and also a swift move into a new phase. But that shouldn’t stop us from living our 20’s because we ain’t ever going to get it back, this is the only time we can chase our goals, basically, do whatever we want. In this phase we need to try and try again to achieve our dreams and fail more often than not because life teaches us much more, Meet new people every single day because they will show us different species of character which will mold us into a stronger person, get into a relationship go through a break up because why not, break the stereotypes, love somebody so much make that person yourself do whatever you want because we can, Don’t get married because you have to go out there away from everyone travel, Don’t Save but spend to make memories and that will be the best savings you will ever make, follow your passion as long as it makes you happy no one can do anything to stop you apart from yourself. So go out there live your dreams, until next time


I’d Like to end with a Quote

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw.

Love Wins.

You know what’s crazy waiting for that someone so that you can smile looking at how she smiles and witnessing her innocently deep shiny pearl eyes when you don’t know whether to hold her tight or take her through a roller coaster ride through the journey of life. This journey I would like to talk about what love can be defined as. To the girl whom I dreamt about, we thought we would have a fling like everyone else in the world because love shattered us in different ways but as I looked at her in the most beautiful way ever I found that innocent girl waiting to be loved and caressed. Every time I looked into her I saw a reflection of me, which made me believe in her that she can be the most beautiful person Untitled-4.jpgever in my life. that moment when I first saw her smile I didn’t just feel the hormones in my body but also goosebumps because I felt it can end up just like another relationship. I didn’t care if we were two poles apart id give my all to make it work when we first kissed, it was way beyond my experiences I wish I could escape the world in that feeling called Ever glow. The feeling you get when she isn’t back worried you a little bit more than usual but also brings you an excitement to bring a smile on her face when she’s tired. You the beautiful lady of my dreams will be loved with all of my heart in success come and go and to last a feeling called ever glow. This is a small glimpse of my dreams and the rest of it yet unwritten, To all the people out there who have lost their loved ones or the ones who left them you will find this feeling Called Ever glow because we Humans don’t lose hope not now and nor we will. Stay tuned for more


With an Inspiration derived from the Song Ever glow and the Lady of my dreams.


Love Heals.


What breaks can never be molded back well, that’s not true at all if there is one force that binds all our broken pieces, memories, faith, and hope is LOVE. It is a feeling scientifically defined as raging chemicals and humanly defined as an unremarkable experience. What really holds us back from loving a person, is it the time we’ve moved? yes, it is the time where we have been broken to an extent that we fall in the loop of disappointment over and over by which love has no value in life anymore.

Yes, we all have beautiful dreams and we forget the fact that love is a part of it, yet our unconscious mind gets attached to a person so easily, Yes, it’s easy to hide the fact we fake it but how long will we until we heal our problems within and the only way to heal yourself is to Believe, love yourself and spread the love. The world is too small for the amount of love we can share and that amount of love can make us successful. To every beautiful girl and handsome guy out there you deserve more every single time you have been let down, let that not make you unhappy but a step to give love another chance. We’ve always believed the way to be successful is to fail and why not the same for love as it still holds a part of our dreams.

What disappoints us turns us into that person who wants to fake every single moment of it to avoid a loop of disappointments which we have to face when we are ourselves but unfortunately, it still happens day in and day out?

Well, I’d like to end it this way you people out there are lovely, all you have to believe, discover is yourself and a place for love in your heart. I’m sure there will be a day where you will shine bright like a star. Love will make you what you are.

I’d like to end with a Quote.

“Overcome the devil with a thing called love.” – Bob Marley.

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Mumbai Meri Jaan

Yes you’re right the whole Country considers Mumbai as the heart of India, Even the world does. Such was the excitement I had for the Global Citizen India Festival where Coldplay was Playing Little did we Realize we had forgotten the main aim of the festival which clearly stated Sanitation, Education, and Gender Equality. Which I found in scarce during my Journey all around Mumbai. Well, then I met this new friend in Mumbai and then we got talking about how amazing Coldplay was and how she was never allowed to go to a concert.

This got me thinking what else hasn’t yet changed and made me think more deeply which girl-childmade me ask her how her family was and I was disgusted as to know girls were still treated so horribly. where they still follow untouchability when she gets her period gives her separate clothes, our utensils, and even a place. it couldn’t get horrible than this and we talk about gender equality when such things still exist. But this made me think we should have more integration into our education systems for us to participate in social schemes and actually bring a change into the Society.

Mumbai did get me a sense of bringing a change into myself and be someone but not without forgetting that in someone else’s happiness ours.

I’d like to end with a Quote.

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – Muhammed Ali.

God Bless.


After a remarkable journey of more than a year starting with this blog. So many changes, ups and downs and much more. I’d like to go back and look up on myself to see how things have affected me. It gives me immense pleasure to honour the changes in my overall personality with immense feedback from the one person I love the most. I’d be a different person if I didn’t meet her. Well reviving what’s been passed gave me an opportunity to make this year an amazing one. Well this post is for everyone out there to revive what they’ve been through and to reasses themselves to be a better person out there. There is so much more new coming out for you guys stay tuned. Till then goodbye.

A goodbye is only a begining to a new end.

– The Lone Wanderer


While I look at your beautiful face. With the wind blowing your hair, which makes you look extravagant. I just have a flashback of how we’ve been through an amazing journey of ‘US’. You’re like a sparkle that passed right through me revealing all my faults for you to help me fix. While I wait to bring a smile on that beautiful face of yours every single morning before you wake up, brings me a new reason to love you every single day. You bought in sunshine in the most gloomy days where, even the moon was playing hide and seek. You’re the sparkle that lights me up. I hope it forever glows. For more to come, forever and beyond.
To the Love of my life.

You’re everything, I ever dreamt off.
To people out there,

Have faith in your dreams, for one day it’ll turn up right at your doorstep.

A Feeling called Alone


To you who is reading this. thanks for not making me feel homely when we meet thanks for not making me feel comfortable when we’re all talking. Thanks for not giving a fuck. Thanks for playing with my feelings. Thanks for not looking at my lonely state. Thanks for not letting me get out of sadness, Thanks, Mom and dad for not noticing why I had such a bad day. Thanks everyone for just not seeing what I’m going through. Yes, you who’s reading this is at fault. Yes, I’m too for not noticing that person around me who is sad why not because I’m happy and they’re not. Well, that’s pathetic because you didn’t notice that tear running down my face. Why didn’t you try to do anything? not stopping me from doing something or even making me feel smile? One day I hope this doesn’t get too much and I end everything for a better of it. Don’t miss me then. To that one person who is lost in life. Don’t worry you’re not alone I’m with you, we are, we want you to speak up. We’ll help you overcome it will do. Just be strong reach out to us we’ll handle the rest :’)

A game called Friendship

The first ever human being we ever met outside the family we were born in was our first friend. The memories they brought us gave immense happiness and joy for all the right and wrong reasons. But then as age commenced, feelings got involved, Time moved on it created a monstrous scar in every human being within which it created a monster and fakeness was established with those individuals who just wanted Temporary attention with every other person in life and when denied would push them off into a state of denial and betreyal. This generation of human beings have been a wonderful example of monsters can be in form of friends either for their monetary benefits, to be successful, gain attention, procure emotional attachment, physical needs etc. The meaning of friendship has so drastically changed from our first Friend to our recent friend that we’ve lost value to the Word Friendship. With an highly unusual spike in people commiting suicides I sat to think how things would have changed if that one friend would have just asked “how are you doing?” That day. We could have avoided those suicides but unfortunately we couldn’t being in the shoes of a victim it can get as easy as asking a person as to how they feel and ask them to share their flow of emotions. I request everyone who reads this post to go ahead and ask that one person around you who is sad and depressed what’s causing them this and let’s help them. I pledge to create a better world.

“A person who stands up for you when you’re in your lowest low is your only friend”- Roshan Dodeja